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Infographic - Top 10 Firearm Owning Countries


That's great! But where's all the ammo?!

Adios 4A - Pennsylvania Cops Can Search Cars Without A Warrant

Police in Pennsylvania no longer need a search warrant to search a vehicle. All they need now is 'reasonable probable cause', (which can be ANYTHING THEY DECIDE), according to the opinion written by Pennsylvania state Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery.
Previously, citizens could refuse an officer’s request to search a vehicle. In most cases, the officer would then need a warrant — signed by a judge — to conduct the search.

That’s no longer the case, according to the opinion written by Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffery.

The ruling, passed on a 4-2 vote, was made in regard to an appeal from a 2010 vehicle stop in Philadelphia.

Local police and legal professionals are calling the opinion “big news.”

“This is a significant change in long-standing Pennsylvania criminal law, and it is a good one,” Lancaster County District Attorney Craig Stedman said Wednesday afternoon.

(read the rest here)
Of course the police are calling it "big news" because now they don't have to deal with getting a pesky search warrant. 4th Amendment? Who needs that if you have nothing to hide, right? It just gets in the way of them 'doing their job', doesn't it?

They already search vehicles without a warrant. This just makes the 'illegal' more 'legal' in the eyes of the lawless.

Coming soon to a state near you.

But remember...

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Other Side of the Coin - Oath Keepers Respond

 If you only have one side of the story, you don't have the entire story.

Also for your consideration, from Oath Keepers:
Bundy Ranch Advisory for April 29, 2014
Yes, it is true: Oath Keepers received a bizarre bit of leaked info which could not be verified but which also could not be ignored. Our contact is connected with the Department of Defense – or “was”. The info we received stated that Eric Holder of the Department of Justice had okayed a drone strike on the Bundy ranch near Bunkerville, Nevada, within a 48 hour period over the weekend of April 26/27, 2014.

That, fortunately, turned out to be “dis-info” – a false rumor. And though it came from a trusted source, Oath Keepers could neither prove nor disprove it. Oath Keepers is thankful that the rumor was false and no one got hurt. Oath Keepers also is aware that the source of that rumor requires debriefing, which would hopefully lead to the author of that operation. It was a directed attack on Oath Keepers to do several things including gaging our comms depth, our speed in Intel, and study how we responded. The project’s cheerleaders were already implanted in the militias operating on-site at the ranch, so that when Oath Keepers responded to the rumor new forces would be ready to pounce on Oath Keepers.

Oath Keepers is doing excellent work at the ranch. We are in touch with the family and they wish to continue working with us. Oath Keepers are encouraged to donate at our website or send checks directly to Cliven and Carol Bundy (* see below)

This mis-info came from a trusted source, a former Special Forces soldier with significant connections inside DOD. Though the info was unbelievable, in the present climate generated by the BLM and Senator Harry Reid (who called the ranchers and their friends “domestic terrorists”), Oath Keepers decided that the info must be regarded as indicating that a drone attack was at least “possible”.
Knowing that this sort of info is at least bizarre, Stewart and our Board members who were there at the ranch finally, after painstakingly going over all possible angles, decided that this should be handled just as the authorities would handle a bomb threat at a school – evacuate the kids from the school immediately and then sift for the bomb, if indeed one turned out to exist there. Stewart knew this was a potential trap for Oath Keepers, but felt that he could not remain quiet about the info which had come to us. Better safe than sorry, in a nutshell, defines his thinking on this. Oath Keepers is tremendously happy that nothing happened and that this was a bad tip, a piece of “dis-info”, a “psy-op”.
On the basis of that, Oath Keepers alerted the Bundy ranch and all who were working there this past weekend. Oath Keepers advised people there to consider evacuation. Now we’re being attacked on many fronts in the backwash.
(read the rest here)
Think of who gains from all this internal strife amongst the Patriot movement.

Did one side get played? Which side? What if both sides got played? Time will tell.

Regardless, be your own leader.

h/t Alan for the link.

Oath Keepers Kicked Out of Bundy Ranch - Video

For your consideration.
Strong words.

Do you know who you're aligning with?

Vet everyone.

WRSA has more.

The other side of the coin is here.

Bullet Resistant Glass Test

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to shoot at some bullet resistant glass that my friend had acquired for testing. I don't know anything about what type, what rating, or anything else other than it was heavy and consisted of 5 pieces of glass sandwiched between an adhesive laminate.

Here's the 2x3 foot chunk of glass as it was presented to me before being shot at. It was left over from a bank construction job.

Each panel of glass was about 1/4 inch thick. There were 5 panels sandwiched together.
The glass was set on the backstop of a pistol range at 30 yards. The first two shots were with .45 acp towards the edge. I knew that a center hit would stop the round but I was curious to see if a hit towards the edge would be able to stop it due to there being less glass to spread the impact to.

2 hits from .45 acp at 30 yards
1st shot.
2nd shot
The bullets from the .45 acp were stopped within the first 2 layers. The glass spider webbed out from the center and all that remained of the projectile was some lead splatter.

Next I tried some M855. Being that this was a pistol range, I used my AR pistol.

M855 62 grain steel core penetrator
2 shots were fired. One in the center of the glass and another at the top edge to see if it would defeat the glass.

M855 in center and top center
I was expecting the M855 to defeat the glass. Well, it did...sorta kinda?

The projectile was stopped within the glass but caused the last layer to shatter and spall. So the round broke the glass all the way through the 5 layers but didn't pass through.

Back side after being hit with M855
I was unable to find a 'hole' on the backside but there was glass from the last layer strewn about.

The top shot at the edge appeared to be defeated at first glance.

M855 at top edge
But upon closer inspection at another angle, the glass was shattered, buckled, but prevented penetration.

edge of glass as seen from top after M855 strike. (not my shoe)

End result
 I was going to test 7.62x54R on it, which I'm sure would have defeated the glass, but circumstances didn't allow at the time. Will try next time.

H/T to Kelly for providing the glass.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Smear Tactics and Double Standards - Race Card Used On Bundy

By now, you've probably all heard the 'racist' remarks the liberals are using to demonize and delegitimize Cliven Bundy. Straight out of the leftist playbook by cherry-picking an hour long interview he gave the New York Times.

Below is the entire interview:

Now the edited video below that makes him sound 'racist' by the NYT slime machine.

What I see is an old man who doesn't know anything about 'Political Correctness' and uses the term 'picking-cotton' to describe a job skill. There is no malice or hatred in his tone or delivery. Quite the opposite. He's making a case against government subsidized welfare, not for reinstating slavery like the left is trying to make it out to be.

Do you think this patriot would be supporting Clive if that was the case?

I'm sure CNN is disappointed they didn't get the reaction they were seeking.

She gets it. She sees the bigger picture.

The man below, who calls himself Charlie Delta, knows the truth and wants everyone to know as well.

 Please make viral.

The media distorts information to the point of social division. This is a photo of myself and the resilient, often charismatic, and maybe not so tactful Cliven Bundy. He's a cowboy and a helluva family man, not an orator. One thing he definitely isn't - a racist. I found his comments to not only be NOT racist, but his own view of his experiences. Who the heck are we to determine another man's perspective on the world around him?! Just because Picasso's view of the world was abstract, does it negate the fact that his art was genuine? Furthermore, if you take the time to do your own research, you'll find that his statements about some black Americans actually hold weight. He posed a hypothetical question. He said, "I wonder IF" ... Hell, I'm black and I often wonder about the same about the decline of the black family. Bottom line is that we are all slaves in this waning republic, no matter our skin color. Mr. Bundy could have used any racial demographic as an example: Native Americans on reservations, whites in trailer parks, etc. He noticed the crippling effects of receiving government "assistance" and the long term result of accepting handouts. It's not progress at all. I challenge Sean Hannity, Rand Paul, and others to read my comment and reconsider their position in this matter. Individual liberties are at stake here, yours and mine. THAT is the issue. Don't let the liberal media and ignoramuses like Glenn Beck and that weasel Harry Reid make you lose sight of the real issue here: The federal government is a burgeoning behemoth and a bully on a once constitutional playground.

I sincerely hope you real patriots out there who can see through the smoke.

Semper Fidelis


Those are the tactics of sore losers. Unfortunately they are effective against those who refuse to look at everything in context as seen by former Bundy supporters turning tail and running away for fear of being labeled a supporter of racism. Ignorant cowards.

YET! YET! Those same words, "Negro" and the phrase "Colored People" are perfectly okay for two national organizations to use.

Gee? Why doesn't anyone get indignant and outraged about that? Can you say Double Standard? I knew you could.

Cliven Bundy's words may have been ill-chosen, ignorant, and Politically Incorrect, but I do not believe they were racist.

I stand with the man for what he's fighting for and for who he's fighting against.

Don't let them control the argument.

Stay focused.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Texas AG Tells BLM 'Come and Take It'

The BLM is now getting push back from Texas for attempting to seize 90,000 acres along the Red River in Texas. The Bundy's were just the start.
“I am about ready,” General Abbott told Breitbart Texas, “to go to the Red River and raise a ‘Come and Take It’ flag to tell the feds to stay out of Texas.

Gen. Abbott sent a strongly-worded letter to BLM Director Neil Kornze, asking for answers to a series of questions related to the potential land grab.

“I am deeply concerned about the notion that the Bureau of Land Management believes the federal government has the authority to swoop in and take land that has been owned and cultivated by Texas landowners for generations,” General Abbott wrote. “The BLM’s newly asserted claims to land along the Red River threaten to upset long-settled private property rights and undermine fundamental principles—including the rule of law—that form the foundation of our democracy. Yet, the BLM has failed to disclose either its full intentions or the legal justification for its proposed actions. Decisions of this magnitude must not be made inside a bureaucratic black box.”

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart Texas, General Abbott said, This is the latest line of attack by the Obama Administration where it seems like they have a complete disregard for the rule of law in this country ...And now they’ve crossed the line quite literally by coming into the State of Texas and trying to claim Texas land as federal land. And, as the Attorney General of Texas I am not going to allow this.
Read the rest here.

Expect more as people start to revolt.

Are you ready?

Friday, April 18, 2014

FBI Pays A Visit Today. Bored?

They must be bored today or looking for Harry Reid's Domestic Terrorists. They came from a link at WRSA and also visited Curtis at his blog.

Maybe they can learn something useful.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Why Are The BLM Feds Wearing III Patches?! (Solved)

New photos from the BLM Ranch War in Nevada show Federal Goons (now identified as US Park Police - see first Update below) wearing a type of III patch on their right shoulder.

Anyone have any specific info on this, as these clearly are NOT III%ers. (see Update 2 at the bottom of the page. We may have an answer)

Click to enlarge photo
Click to enlarge photo
Click to enlarge photo
 More photos and the story of the standoff can be found here.

The Federal Goons are going to come back, according to Sheriff Mack.

Get ready.

UPDATE: Anonymous at 19:11 is correct. These are US Park Police as indicated by the patch on the inside left sleeve.

UPDATE 2: Hugo de Root at 20:21 may have the answer. The USFS is divided into 10 Regions. Region 3 consists of Arizona and New Mexico. They may have been sent into Region 4 to assist. The III patch they are wearing is most likely the patch for Region 3. Thanks guys.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

BLM Ends Roundup of Bundy Cattle

The Bureau of Land Management has announced it will stop the roundup of cattle owned by rancher Cliven Bundy. The BLM says the animals have been illegally grazing on public lands for 20 years.

The BLM made the announcement Saturday morning, a week after rangers started gathering the animals from land near Gold Butte.

The agency says it is concerned about the safety of its employees and the public. Earlier this week, BLM officers and supporters of the Bundy family were involved in a scuffle. Cliven Bundy's son, Ammon Bundy, was tased twice by federal agents.

Another woman said she was thrown to the ground by an officer.

With more Bundy supporters pouring in from around the country, safety concerns began to grow.

The I-Team has learned the deal to end the gather was brokered by Clark County Sheriff Doug Gillespie.

According to sources, the BLM wants to proceed with the sale of the cattle already gathered during the roundup but is reportedly willing to share the revenue from the sale with Bundy.

Sheriff Gillespie has been negotiating with Bundy behind the scenes for months reached a tentative agreement Friday night, though Bundy insisted the sheriff come to his ranch to finalize the arrangement face-to-face.

The two men meet Saturday to discuss the agreement prior to a public announcement.

In its statement, the BLM said its actions this past week were progress in enforcing two court orders to remove the trespassing cattle from public land.

The agency director also asked that everyone involved in the dispute remain peaceful and law-abiding.


They fear the people when they mobilize. Lessons to be learned.

Friday, April 11, 2014

BLM Stealing Land in Texas Too

The Red River is the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma…or is it?

Byers, Texas along the Red River — The BLM stole 140 acres of the Tommy Henderson ranch thirty years ago. They took his land and paid him absolutely nothing. He sued and lost. Now the BLM is using that court case as precedent to do it again. The problem is, the land they want to seize is property that ranchers have a deed for and have paid taxes on for over a hundred years.

The BLM claims that about 90,000 acres (116 miles along the Red River)have never belonged to Texas in the first place. They will seize the land and it will seriously change the boundaries between the two states.

(the rest here)

Not surprised.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Video: Cliven Bundy Town Board Meeting Yesterday 04/09/14

Don't believe the media.

Listen to the man himself.

He's articulate, knowledgeable, and knows the law.

Also reports of Militia heading down to lend help.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Nevada BLM Aggressors On Video

The latest in the Bundy Ranch vs BLM disputer.

Watch for yourself.

Nevada Governor Calls Federal Cattle Roundup ‘Intimidation’

Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval
Nevada’s governor is criticizing a federal cattle roundup and what he calls “intimidation” in a dispute with a rancher who claims longstanding grazing rights on open range outside Las Vegas.

Federal Bureau of Land Management and National Park Service officials didn’t immediately respond Wednesday to Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval’s call for the BLM to “reconsider its approach.”

Sandoval says he’s most offended that federal officials have tried to corral people protesting the roundup into a “First Amendment area.”

(more here)

Well then Gov. Sandoval, if you're really offended, kick the Feds out.