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Mosby: More Classes Coming Up

If you missed out on the last opportunity to attend one of John Mosby's classes, now is your chance.

Details here.

I also highly advise you read up on his PT recommendations here and do it.

More LAPD Brutality - Woman Dies After Genitals Kicked

...during the struggle to get Thomas into the back of the patrol car, a female officer kicked Thomas in the genitals. Once Thomas was in the car, the video shows her breathing shallowly until she draws her last breath.
Just the latest in a rash of normal police behavior.

Read the rest here.

h/t Curtis for this and this.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Gold Mine - Doctrine and Training Publications

Read what they read.

Learn what they learn.*

Download them here.

*Clarification: Learn from someone who can train you properly. By doing. Correctly. With instruction, as Mosby points out in the comment below.

Marines Train Civilian LEO In Urban Training Exercise

CAMP LEJEUNE, N.C. - Training at Camp Lejeune Thursday looked and felt real -- and that was the point. Law officers and marines from across the country ended their training with a bang.

Thursday was the final day of exercises for law enforcement and marines who have gone through special reaction team training at Camp Lejeune for the past three weeks. In the final exercise, teams were presented with a series of real life scenarios as well as hands on instruction to handle them correctly.

Brian Dye, Operations Chief of I&I in Lexington, Kentucky says training civilians as a blended force with Marine Corps personnel eases the transition into a real world scenario.

"I think it's always good when you get an opportunity to work on some similar tactics and procedures so that everybody's kind of operating on the same page. That way when you bring teams together from active duty and the civilian side, it makes the integration a whole lot smoother."

The tactics trainees take away from this course just may help save lives. This three week SRT training course is phase one for law enforcement and Marine Corps personnel. Phase two will focus on sniper and designated marksmanship training.
Bracken chimes in on the comments section of the news story:
Can somebody explain to me why the active duty military is training civilian police from around the nation to work WITH them in combined operations? Anybody ever heard of the Posse Comitatus Act? I understand the military using role-players to practice working with FOREIGN police. And I understand civilian police getting SWAT training. But why are the Marines practicing WITH police to conduct combined ops, here in America? Are we still the USA, or the USSA? When did this happen?

"I think it's always good when you get an opportunity to work on some similar tactics and procedures so that everybody's kind of operating on the same page. That way when you bring teams together from active duty and the civilian side, it makes the integration a whole lot smoother."

What "INTEGRATION?" What the hell is going on in America? Is it related to the billion hollowpoint bullets the DHS is buying?

"Phase two will focus on sniper and designated marksmanship training."

Oh, joy! Welcome to the USSA, comrades!
Additional comments on the news story encouraged.

DNC To Host 2-Hour Islamic Prayer - Tells Cardinal to Pound Sand

The Democratic National Committee is raising a number of eyebrows after choosing to proceed with hosting Islamic “Jumah” prayers for two hours on the Friday of its convention, though it denied a Catholic cardinal’s request to say a prayer at the same event.


Read the rest here to learn who are the ones putting this on. Hint: They're not 'moderate' muzzies.

Second American Revolution Victory Guide 2.0


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Kalifornians Will Be Able To Register To Vote Online (Illegals Too?)

Okay, first, I have nothing against legal immigrants who come here to become citizens. If you jump through all the hoops and patiently wait your turn to become an American citizen, I welcome you with open arms.

The illegal immigrants who sneak across our border, mooch off our welfare, hospitals, etc..., I have a BIG problem with.

Well, beginning next month, California (surprised?) is going to implement online voter registration. All that's required is a California drivers license.

The online program...
"...involves the secretary of state and the Department of Motor Vehicles coordinating their databases in a way that will allow elections officials to authenticate a new registrant's identity and obtain a digitized copy of his or her signature."
Despite a ban on illegal immigrants being issued a driver's license in California, a new bill would change that.

So unless this new online voter registration also verifies a person's citizenship, which there was no mention of in the article, then California will have just ALLOWED over 300K illegals to vote if the new bill for granting illegals a driver's license passes.

Can we expel Kalifornia from the country yet?

Read the rest this idiocy here.

25 Cutting Edge Firms Funded By The CIA

In-Q-Tel, the CIA's personal investor.
Launched in 1999 as an independent, not-for-profit organization, IQT was created to bridge the gap between the technology needs of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) and new advances in commercial technology.
Read about 25 companies that In-Q-Tel is funding or has investing in here.

Then think about how these products can be used against you.

.-. . ... .. ... -

Maximo Guillermo "Max" Manus

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stellar Wind - Spying On You Since 9/11

Binney—one of the best mathematicians and code breakers in NSA history—worked for the Defense Department's foreign signals intelligence agency for 32 years before resigning in late 2001 because he "could not stay after the NSA began purposefully violating the Constitution."

In a short video called "The Program," Binney explains how the agency took part of one of the programs he built and started using it to spy on virtually every U.S. citizen without warrants under the code-name Stellar Wind.
Click here to watch the video.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Cause of Upcoming Riots - Time Is Short

Note that the price of food is not necessarily the reason for the riots – but it does create the conditions when rioting will break out.

It makes a lot of sense. The average Joe is only going to get upset when he is hungry. When Joe is working as hard as he can and he can’t feed himself or his family, and there is no other recourse… Well violence will erupt.

The scientific model predicted an uprising in the Middle East back in December of 2010. Within a week, uprisings began.

Now the scientific model shows that if food prices continue to rise, August 2013, the world will be full of civil unrest, including here in CONUS.

Read the rest here.

Are you ready?

Water for Survival - Learn to Find It

Water is life.

Especially in a SHTF situation.

Selco discusses.

His survival water games is an excellent idea.

Play it now while it's still a game.

Next time it could be the difference between living or dying.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

AAR - TC3 & Small Unit Tactics

I was fortunate enough to be able to attend John Mosby's first open enrollment class on TC3 and Small Unit Tactics this last weekend.

First let me preface by saying John Mosby is the real deal. He's been in combat many times. He knows from experience what he's talking about and does an excellent job imparting that information to the class.

I'm not going to repeat details that were covered in a previous AAR on the class as it would be redundant. I will, however, try to point out things not mentioned there and other things learned.

Hint: If you plan to attend a future Mosby class, you better be in VERY good shape. At the end of day one, EVERYONE was hurting, even the guys that were in good shape.

The phrase, "Train like you fight. Fight like you train," took on a whole new meaning.

If you're executing all your PT in sweats and a T-shirt, you're going to regret it. As J.M. would often say, "Ask me how I know."

You NEED to be conducting your PT in your battle gear. Whether that's a LBV, or plate carrier with plates, or battle belt...complete with full mags, filled canteen(s) or CamelBak, knee pads (a must!), AND your battle rifle with a full magazine.

Why? Because that's EXACTLY how you will be training here.

Train like you fight. Fight like you train.
Makes sense?

Also, don't conduct your PT on a flat surface either. You will encounter uneven terrain which takes more effort to get through than flat terrain. So train with that in mind.

Day One
After everyone arrived to the class location, J.M. introduced himself and talked about his background and what we were going to be doing in class.

We were introduced to TC3 (Tactical Combat Casualty Care). Areas covered were:
  • Basic Management Plan for Care Under Fire Phase
  • Basic Management Plan for Tactical Field Care
  • Individual Task List for Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  • Practical Scenario Exercise
We were taught how to properly apply to ourselves and classmates a CAT tourniquet (preferred over others), the TK4 tourniquet (not recommended for lack of a windlass) and the SOF tourniquet.The point is to get that blood loss stopped within 60-90 seconds to prevent unconsciousness. Untreated, you will bleed out in 3 minutes or less. Everyone was able to preform this exercise without any problems.

Then we moved to the casualty extrication under fire exercise in full gear. Basically you drag your buddy to safety by using the drag handle on his chest rig/plate carrier, the shoulder harness on the rig, or by grabbing him under the arms.

We practiced the one man drag and the two man drag while J.M. fired rounds to simulate incoming fire. We had to move the wounded man to safety in under 90 seconds. I'm not a big guy. At 5'-7" and 135 lbs. dragging a 220+ lb. man is not an easy thing to do. Which is why I appreciated the 4 man improvised litter carry method much more. Basically you position a casualty blanket under the wounded man, and each man grabs a corner and carries him off to safety. This makes moving the wounded man much easier but at the cost of reducing your fighting force by 4, plus the wounded man, as they won't be in a position to return fire and kill the enemy. This method is better utilized after the fighting is over.

The most important lesson we learned about treating combat injuries is this:

The best medicine on the battlefield is fire superiority!

Win the fight to prevent the further casualties.

Shortly after this exercise during further TC3 lessons, we had 2 heat casualties that needed to be attended to, one of them being yours truly. My buddy went down first. He ended up vomiting and didn't immediately respond to J.M. who rushed over to asses the situation. My buddy was given an oral I.V. and plenty of water to drink. A wet bandana was placed on the back of his neck and he was kept in the shade. J.M. used this as a teaching moment.

About 5 minutes later, I became overwhelmed with nausea and asked another classmate to help me up as I felt I was going to be sick. He and another classmate helped me to the trees where I thought I was going to hurl, but this didn't happen. (I'm thinking I might have been better off if I had) As was done with my buddy, I was given more water to drink, administered an oral  I.V., and kept in the shade with a wet bandana on my neck. I suspect the culprits to this incident were the Wendy's Chicken sandwiches we both ate the night before class and washed down with a root beer float. This event led to my very poor performance in the assessment test that occurred a little while later. I wasn't back to feeling 100% until later the next day.
Side Note:
Throughout the day, J.M. was constantly asking me if I was okay. Even though he joked that I probably thought he was an a-hole for constantly asking, I appreciated his concern and completely understand why he kept checking. A leader looks out for the men under him. He did this with other classmates too, some had bad knees, bad backs, or whatever, and his number one concern was always for our safety and health.
After TC3 class, (I think it was after, the order of things is kind of a blur due to the heat exhaustion) we practiced dropping to one knee, using 2 different methods. Then we practiced dropping onto both knees simultaneously while running. Then we practiced dropping into the prone position from the 2 knee drop. Good knee pads are a must for this.

After everyone got that mastered, or close enough, we moved on to the 2 man bounding exercises. First with dry fire while yelling "Bang! Bang!" to simulate gun fire. Then later with live rounds. This was the "I'm up! He sees me! I'm down!" forward advancing exercise. Then we practiced with two 2-man teams moving simultaneously while giving each other cover fire. The key to doing this exercise correctly was communication. You don't move ahead unless your request for cover fire is acknowledged by the other team. If you don't hear the acknowledgement, "Gotcha covered!" then you repeat your request while looking to make sure the team is not dealing with another issue such as a weapons malfunction or changing a magazine. J.M. would fire rounds to simulate incoming fire. This did 3 things:
  1. It signaled us to drop to the prone position to avoid getting shot
  2. Got us used to yelling our communications to be heard
  3. Helped us to get comfortable with gunfire

In short order, everyone was doing pretty well. We then moved on to the assessment test.

Since it wasn't mentioned in the previous AAR, I'll describe it here. The assessment test was simple. Run 1K as fast as you can with your designated Ranger Buddy, while wearing full gear and carrying your battle rifle. This was immediately followed by five rounds in twenty seconds into a target at 200 meters, a sprint to the 100 meter mark and 5 rounds in 15 seconds. Then a sprint to the 50 meter mark and 5 rounds in 10 seconds. Finally a sprint to the 25 meter mark with 5 rounds in 10 seconds.

NOT easy to do after suffering from heat exhaustion earlier that day and J.M. said normally those times are half of what he allotted. He said he was going easy on us.

Afterwards we took a break for a surprise dinner of delivered pizza. What a guy!

After dinner, it was nearly dark and we moved onto getting accustomed to walking around the woods with no lights. There was no moon but the stars were plentiful and gave off enough light to see a little once the eyes adjusted. Some classmates were fortunate enough to have a Night Optical Device (NODs) with them and J.M. demonstrated that he could run faster through the woods in the dark without NODs than those who had them. He wasn't doing this to show off, he was doing this to show us that NODs are a good tool but not to rely on them alone.

It was about 23:30 when we were dismissed and everyone headed for bed, at a slow pace. Everyone was aching somewhere on their body. Day one was a half day and it kicked our ass. I didn't get a good solid night of sleep. Due to all the water I drank for the heat exhaustion, I got up 6 times during the night to relieve my bladder. A new personal record.

Day Two
J.M. started with a discussion on camouflage. He showed us how one could easily blend in the woods with khaki pants and a brown top just as easily as someone in full Multicam. One doesn't have to have the latest and greatest camo to disappear and he proved this. He also discussed the proper application of face camo and some students applied it on, and others used balaclavas, gaiters, shemagh or improvised masks from a shirt

We then headed into the woods to learn how to walk as quietly as possible. Making minimum noise, watching our foot placement, avoid snapping twigs with our weight, and brushing twigs out of the way so they didn't get caught on our gear. J.M. demonstrated how to step with the outside edge of your foot and roll it down slowly to minimize noise. We then practiced this together. Then we were taught how to low crawl quietly. The point was not to rush, but to make deliberate and quiet movements.

After this, we headed off to a heavily wooded area. Half the class would sit at the top of a ridge and try to spot the other half of the class stalking through the woods. A couple of scouts would walk through to try and spot anybody but they were only to observe and not interact. The goal was for the stalking team to get as close to the observing team before being spotted. We applied what we had learned about moving through the woods as quietly as possible. At one point during the stalk, a deer walked obliviously between me and a classmate. I guess we got the quiet part down correctly. After an hour and 20 minutes of slowly moving closer to the ridge, J.M. blew the whistle and called us in. It was time to switch and the observing team became the stalking team and vice versa.

After this exercise we walked back to camp and ate lunch. Then we began with more bounding drills. Then advanced to an outflanking exercise. One four-man team would act as the fire support team while the other four-man team bounded around to act as the assault team. Team work and communication were vital.

We had 2 sets of radios, a set of Motorola's and a set of Cobra's, but each set was not compatible with the other. The fire support team had a radio and the assault team had a radio. The purpose of the radios was for the assault team to notify the fire support team to lift fire (cease fire) immediately before they assaulted the enemy objective to avoid getting shot by friendly fire. In the case of radio failure due to not being heard over the gun fire, or an incompatible set, a whistle was used to signal 'Lift Fire'. This worked better than the radios 100% of the time. Everyone should have a whistle.

As always, the exercises were conducted dry until everyone was comfortable moving properly and understanding just what the heck we were doing. Teams were working together and having fun, but more importantly, they were learning and understanding the purpose of the exercises. Each exercise was a building block for the next exercise.

Live fire drills were always exciting as they added more realism to the whole exercise. But mainly it also taught us how to conduct a rapid reload, a reload with retention, and how to communicate over gun fire with your team. It also made people more safety conscious and aware of where everyone was, as nobody wanted to be the guy who shot their classmate. Fortunately, this never occurred and J.M. was always aware of what everyone was doing.

We had some more lessons on the white board and Q&A time. Later we began repeating the exercise, except this time we were going to do it in the dark. I think this made some of us a little nervous. What if we didn't see our assault team, what if we didn't hear the "Lift Fire" command before they began they're assault where we would be shooting? This is why we practiced dry over and over.

By the time it live fire time, it was dark. J.M. had us form a line and go prone. He told us to fire where he did and proceeded to shoot tracers at the target. We all shot where he did. J.M. explained to us that tracers are a tool be used to direct fire by those with NOD's for the others who do not have NOD's. Then he placed 2 glo-sticks on either side of the target and told us to shoot at the space between the the glo-sticks. This was to help us keep our fire directed in one location and prevent anyone from shooting where they should be shooting. It worked out well. That J.M. is a smart guy I tell you.

We then began our live fire flanking exercise in the dark. The fire support team fired at the space between the glo-sticks and the assault team moved into flanking position. What happened was that people moved slower in the dark compared to the day. They were more cautious of where they stepped, where they shot, and how they moved. J.M. would shadow the assault team to make sure they stayed safe and to motivate them to move faster. When it was time to assault the enemy objective after "Lift Fire" was called, we were told to rush into the woods (objective) with our weapon mounted lights momentarily turned on and off as we shouted "Bang! Bang!" instead of actually shooting. This was done more to prevent cutting down the trees than anything. (We also did this during the day)

After that exercise, we learned how to march in the dark through the woods, as always, in full gear and with rifle. The lead man would use his NODs to move forward and scan. When the coast was clear, he'd signal the man behind him to move up and so on and so forth. This was a little tricky as the lead man was supposed to stay close enough for the man behind him, who didn't have NODs, to still be able to see him in the dark. Sometimes the lead man got too far ahead where his hand signals couldn't be seen. It was a short adjustment period to get the right distance between men.

By the time this exercise was complete, it was 23:30 and time for bed.

Day Three
We began with learning how to patrol in 2 four-man teams. Using what we learned from the previous days, we utilized the quiet walking technique J.M. taught us the day before. When the target was spotted, the person who spotted it would yell, "Enemy contact! 10 o'Clock!" and everyone would begin firing in that direction. As one team directed cover fire, the other team would bound up and provide cover fire for the other team as they bounded up. Once a team was close enough to assault the target, they would yell "Lift Fire!" and as soon as the gunfire stopped from the support fire team, the assault team would rush forward while firing.

J.M. then taught us how to break contact with the enemy. He taught us the Australian Peel and we practiced it dry and then with live fire. We learned how to create a 360 degree security perimeter once we arrived to the rally point and it's purpose.

Afterwards we had a lesson on the Principles of Patrol. (PRSCC)
  • Planning
  • Recon
  • Security
  • Control
  • Common Sense
  • Mission
  • Enemy
  • Time
  • Terrain
  • Civilians
The two types of Patrols:
  • Recon Patrol (with a potential for becoming an ambush)
  • Combat Patrol
    • Raids
    • Ambush
and other topics that I won't bother mentioning. Not because they are not important, but because it's too much information to cover. I'm writing a blog, not a book. All this information can be found in the Ranger Handbook.

During the verbal AAR, everyone agreed that the class met or exceeded their expectations. We also agreed that we needed to modify and increase our PT. <------HINT!!!

As much as this class kicked our asses physically and mentally, (and J.M. said he was going easy on us! LOL) everyone agreed they'd do it again, myself included, sans the Wendy's the night before class.

I want to publicly thank J.M. for taking time out of his private life to conduct these trainings. They are important. They are necessary. And the time may come (hopefully not) when we will have to fall back on what we learned here and utilize them to save lives, be it our our loved ones, our neighbors, or ourselves.

This class wasn't just about learning how to gun fight. There is much more to it. You won't finish the class the same person you were when you started it. I guarantee it.

Was the class worth paying $500 for? No. It was worth MUCH more than that. If J.M. decides to conduct another open enrollment class, I'd jump on it right away. Just be prepared to come home bruised, battered, cut, sore, and possibly unable to get off the toilet due to the aches in your legs (ask me how I know), but more importantly, be prepared to come home changed and educated enough to begin training your friends.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How To Defeat Facial Recognition Software

With the massive TripWire surveillance program in use all across the country, you might want to invest in a large pair of dark sunglasses.
While normal glasses didn’t stymie the software, large dark glasses made the subject completely unrecognizable. “The simplest way to defeat the software is to wear a good pair of sunglasses,” he says.
This article is almost 2 years old but still applies. Read it here.

You Cannot Escape the All Seeing Eye of Sauron


The previously unknown surveillance system.

Think you're safe from constant surveillance if you don't live in Bloomberg's big brother city?

Think again.

According to PC Magazine, Wikileaks obtained documents reveal that:
"TrapWire is a surveillance program which can track almost anyone, without their knowledge, anywhere in the U.S. using existing surveillance cameras."
This may be new information to us, but it's been active for a bit. It was installed under the radar all across the good ol' US of A.
The Trapwire system is actively monitoring every major city in the country. You know those little cameras on the stoplights at the intersection by your house? Or those CCTV cameras that business owners opened up to local law enforcement surveillance systems?

Every one of them is recording and transferring what they capture to a centralized database – this includes your location, license plate, and facial identification. That information is then aggregated, fused together with other pieces of information (like what you bought on your credit card today and who you interacted with via text message or your favorite social network), and then processed through a threat assessment system.

This means cameras in stores that use facial recognition to strategically target you for ads, that I reported on back in April, are more than likely a part of this program. Now a company called Facedeals (h/t Rich T) is doing just that, using facial recognition to target you with ads.

The Wikileaks documents are available here.

Still think you're free?

There are still ways to defeat facial recognition software.

Monday, August 13, 2012

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Orders 40K Rounds of Ammo

WTF does NOAA need 40,000 rounds of .40 Caliber ammo for?!
The solicitation breaks down the requirements:
  • 16,000 rounds of ammunition for semiautomatic pistols to be factory-loaded .40 S&W caliber, 180-grain jacketed hollow point (JHP).
  • 6,000 rounds of frangible, 125-grain CFRHT .40 caliber.
  • 24,000 rounds of ammunition for semiautomatic pistols to be factory-loaded .40 S&W caliber, 180-grain jacketed hollow point (JHP).
Read the story here.

Better start increasing YOUR ammo purchases.

Sounds like a lot of lead throwing will be coming soon.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

RINO Ryan - Why Is Everyone So Happy?

Curtis shares the following:

Facts about Ryan:
-Voted YES on TARP (2008)

-Voted YES on Economic Stimulus HR 5140 (2008)

-Voted YES on $15B bailout for GM and Chrysler. (Dec 2008)

-Voted YES on $192B additional anti-recession stimulus spending. (Jul 2009)

-Voted YES on limited prescription drug benefit for Medicare recipients. (Nov 2003)

-Voted YES on providing $70 million for Section 8 Housing vouchers. (Jun 2006)

-Voted YES on extending unemployment benefits from 39 weeks to 59 weeks. (Oct 2008)

-Voted YES on Head Start Act (2007)

-Voted YES on No Child Left Behind Act (2001)

-Voted YES on federalizing rules for driver licenses to hinder terrorists. (Feb 2005)

-Voted YES on making the PATRIOT Act permanent. (Dec 2005)

-Voted YES on allowing electronic surveillance without a warrant. (Sep 2006)

-Voted YES on authorizing military force in Iraq. (Oct 2002)

-Voted YES on emergency $78B for war in Iraq & Afghanistan. (Apr 2003)

-Voted YES on declaring Iraq part of War on Terror with no exit date. (Jun 2006)

-Voted NO on redeploying US troops out of Iraq starting in 90 days. (May 2007)

Ryan supports the United Nations, the World Trade Organization, federal bailouts, increased federal involvement in education, unconstitutional and undeclared wars, Medicare Part D (a multi trillion dollar unfunded liability), stimulus spending, and foreign aid.

Ryan gave a hysterical speech in the rush to pass TARP last fall. He voted for the auto bailout. And, voted with the Barney Frank-Nancy Pelosi AIG bonus-bashing stampede.
So tell me again why everyone is so happy and gushing about Paul Ryan being picked as Romney's VP running mate?

Saturday, August 11, 2012

U.S. Banks Told To Make Plans For Preventing Collapse

(Reuters) - U.S. regulators directed five of the country's biggest banks, including Bank of America Corp and Goldman Sachs Group Inc, to develop plans for staving off collapse if they faced serious problems, emphasizing that the banks could not count on government help.

What's going to happen WHEN the banks do collapse?
They'll simply steal your money.

M1117's Sighted On The Road

A reader sent me and WRSA this photo. (I cleaned up the color a little)

Further confirmation of what was reported earlier this week.

I spotted this thing yesterday on my way home from work at 1:31PM on 8-10-12,  heading East on West Alameda Parkway.

Information provided by Dan tells me this looks like a standard HEMITT wrecker from the 335th Corps...98th Signal Battalion.

It turned into the Denver Federal Center at Gate 7.

Keep the photos coming.

WRSA: 'Gray State' Concept Trailer

WRSA originally posted the Gray State Concept Trailer and Breaching the Veil - The Gray State Concept videos.

Both of these need to be watched again, and if you haven't watched them yet, watch now.

Wake up.

It's coming.

Get ready...

Friday, August 10, 2012

NYPD's New $40 Million Super Surveillance System

Mayor Bloomberg unveiled NYPD's newest toy: a $40 million dollar Domain Awareness System (DAS) the other day.

DAS was designed in a joint effort by the NYPD and Microsoft Corp. It uses data from a network of live feed cameras, radiation detectors, license plate readers and crime reports.
The system will also allow cops to get a reading on radioactive substances, and determine if it is naturally occurring, some kind of weapon or a harmless isotope used in medical treatments.

“We can track where a car associated with a murder suspect is currently located and where it’s been over the past several days, weeks or months,” Kelly said. “This is a system developed by police officers for police officers.”

The system will also check license plate numbers to a watch list and alert investigators if a match is detected and quickly pull up crime reports, arrests and warrants on a suspect.
What the report doesn't say is that DAS will more than likely be using facial recognition software and put everyone's face in a database.

Perhaps they'll be able to ticket and fine you through the mail for drinking a sugary sweet beverage larger than 16 oz. along with a photo of you committing the 'crime'.

This population monitoring hasn't worked so well for England or other places that employee a massive surveillance camera network.

But then again, those countries didn't have Microsoft with it's ever growing spying network helping them.

Welcome to 1984, Winston.